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Maintenance And Servicing

Maintenance And Servicing

Sinoseal’s professional service and maintenance strategies help to significantly extend the life cycle of the plant. Sinoseal uses highly qualified service specialists – either on site at the customer’s facility or in one of Sinoseal’s service centers to assists our customers with critical systems checks, engineered component removal, and installation consultancies.

1.Preventive maintenance and on-site support

● Provide daily inspections for the mechanical seals on site, record relevant operating data, and provide recommendations for the operation and maintenance of mechanical seals;
● Guide and complete the replacement of mechanical seals on site, participate in fault analysis and judgment;

● Plant overhaul support;
● Professional training for maintenance personnel on site;

Preventive maintenance

2.Maintenance center

● Provide regular inspection, maintenance and other services for the mechanical seals stored in the maintenance center or customers’ warehouse, to ensure the quality and reliability of the product;
● In emergency cases, repair at the maintenance center in the shortest time to ensure delivery;

● For emergencies on the site, the engineer can arrive at the site as soon as possible to assist the customers for analysis and (Highly qualified Sinoseal service engineers are available 24 hours a day)

3.Remote monitoring

Sinoseal provides customers with remote monitoring services for sealing products, monitoring the parameters of the entire operation process of sealing products, and provides monitoring reports;

● Special technical engineers understand the good status and potential problems of seals based on the data monitored remotely, perform reliability analysis on seals, and provide seal health reports;
● Provide predictive maintenance suggestions based on the health status of the seal.


Maintenance And Servicing


Maintenance And Servicing


Maintenance And Servicing

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