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Snon out the old,pride in the new

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Gratitude & Dream
 ‘Snow out the old, pride in the new’, on the eve of the New Year, Sunny Seal express sincere gratitude and deep greetings to all leaders, customers, partners and staff!
   In 2018, ushered in the Sunny Seal’s 40th anniversary. Review the past 40 years, Sunny Seal fought in the stream of reform, painted a magnificent historical picture, and wrote a hymn of reform and struggle.
   In 2018, all the staff of the company worked together to complete the goals and tasks of the yearsuccessfully. Our company was approved to set up an ‘Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation’; was selected to “Looking for Chinese Manufacturing Invisible Champion▪ General Mechanical Volume”; passed the re-evaluation and acceptance of production safety standardization; successfully completed the major project of national winter natural gas interconnection ---- 4 projects of natural gas compressor station compressor dry gas seal and system matching in HechiWuzhou and GaizhouPanjin, which has been contributed to the supply of natural gas in winter for the whole country; was selected as the only outstanding supplier of sealing industry by Maoming Petrochemical; won the first place in the evaluation data list of metal bellows seal products in Yipaike platform, etc.
   In 2018, subsidiaries, such as Dalian Huayang and Suzhou Youtaike, had good results as well. The plan of main drive sealing products in shield machine was approved by the experts of the Zhongjian Wuhan Donghu Tunnel Project; successfully developed hydraulic support sealing products for the world's first pure water hydraulic support. All works in Dalian Huayang was carried out steadily. ERP management got through the whole process of sales and manufacturing in a short time. The vertical integration of sales, technology, procurement and finance realized collaborative management of Sunny Seal.
 ‘The whip is urging the horse; the man is on the journey’. 2019 is the year of company information construction. Sunny Seal will focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing, build a cloud platform for company management, and realize the overall informatization of management. Our company will continuously pay close attention to quality, management, research and development, continue to cultivate talents, unswervingly follow the company's internationalization path, unswervingly serve customers, be responsible to customers, reward employees with actual actions, return investors and society.
 ‘Assure safety, protect environment’, the strong sense of mission and responsibility motivate us to keep making progress and build a dream for a hundred years.
   Along the way, grateful to have on your side.On the occasion of the new year, I wish you all the best, happiness and well-being!

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