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Price Adjustment Notification

Inputtime:2018-10-10 16:58:14 Copyform:Sichuan Sunny Seal Co., Ltd.
Dear customers,
  Thank you for your long-term trust and support to our company, your love is our incessant driving force for innovation, but also to the company's business development has played a positive role in promoting.
  In recent years, the company's main raw material prices continue to rise and labor costs are also increasing. Through tapping potential and strict cost control, our company not only improves product quality and service level, but also keeps product price stable. However, due to a variety of factors, especially the environmental protection requirements, most of the raw materials prices have been raised significantly again. At the same time, affected by Sino-US trade friction, many raw materials imported from the United States belong to the goods with tariffs, such as Inconel steel strip for bellows seal, various brands of graphite materials, silicon carbide, Swagelok, Parker and other pipe and valve fittings, SOR, UE and other instrumentation, the prices of these raw materials have risen by more than 10%, some even up by more than 30%. These conditions have led to a further increase in direct procurement costs, especially for high-end sealing products and dry gas seal control systems and pump auxiliary systems. At present, our company has been unable to absorb the rising costs alone, forced to help, we have to adjust the price of products.
  After our company's research decision, we will adjust the price of our company's full line of products, as follows:
  Price Adjustment Range: all sealing products of our company.
  Price Adjustment Amplitude: According to the different product series, the price rises by 10% to 30%, please contact our company sales representative.
  Price Adjustment Time: Implemented on October 10, 2018
  For this price adjustment, we hope to get the understanding of the majority of users, only to maintain a reasonable level of profit, we will be able to continue to invest in product research and development, constantly improve the technical performance and quality of products, and with more professional and thoughtful service to all customers. Of course, we will further strengthen cost control and minimize the impact of this price adjustment on our customers.
   We apologize again for the inconvenience brought to our customers.

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