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Sinoseal offers a wide range of innovative programs to help operating personnel and engineers, maintenance and repair teams deepen their understanding of critical equipment and processes.

1. Training sessions on site

Sinoseal can customized design, develop, and deliver training programs specifically around the people, equipment and processes at a customer’s facility. Sinoseal offers web-based modules with online testing and reporting to ensure comprehension of the most important principles.

2. Training sessions in Sinoseal

Sinoseal regularly invites customers to hold various types of sealing training courses in the company every year, which not only covers the basic knowledge of seal theory and related standards, but also includes processing and manufacturing, test verification, seal assembly and site operation, seal failure analysis cases and advanced Sealing technology seminar. Through this training method, customers can better understand the mechanical seal technology, manufacturing process and test process.

Theoretical knowledge/Practical knowledge/Advanced sealing technology

3.Provide sealing training device

Sinoseal provides customers with installation and operation training equipment (devices) for customized mechanical seals and auxiliary system. Through the teaching method of physical operation, the operator on site can master the installation and operation of the seal and auxiliary systems.


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